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Slovakia is fertile ground for Libertas reform message

In The Brussels Times on February 24, 2009 at 8:49 AM

Large numbers of Slovakians signed up [yesterday] to hear the Libertas message of democracy, accountability and transparency in a speech given by Declan Ganley in Bratislava. Mr. Ganley, the Chairman of Libertas, [wa]s in Bratislava as part of the preparations for Libertas’s European Parliament election campaign in Slovakia.

Jan Oravec, former Chief of Strategy of the Ministry of Economy and President of the Hayek Foundation who hosted Declan Ganley said “Slovakia is fertile ground for the Libertas message of democracy, accountability and transparency. We are great supporters of the European Union, but are disappointed in the anti-democratic way it’s being run. Slovakians, particularly in these difficult economic times, want a better deal from Europe”.

Amongst the leading figures that Libertas met with in Bratislava are Mr. Jan Carnogursky, former Prime Minister of Slovakia, from the KDH party, Mr. Vladimir Palko, former Minister of Justice from the KDS party, Mr Peter Zajac, Mr Peter Osusky and Mr Ondrej Dostal from the OKS party, and Mr Richard Sulik, President of the Freedom and Solidarity party.

At a public speech in a packed venue with invited members of the public, Declan Ganley encouraged Slovakians to play their part in making a better Europe for themselves. “Non-elected, unaccountable bureaucrats are making decisions in Brussels that change the way you live your life. They never have to answer for their actions at the ballot box. The established parties are happy to keep it that way. If you want to have more say , then vote for a Libertas candidate at the June elections” .

Speaking on the economy, Declan said “Libertas believes that a united Europe has the opportunity to reshape the global economy and lead the way to recovery. Economic recovery in Europe and in Slovakia will come from smart policies that create an environment where people are prepared and encouraged to create more small and medium-sized businesses. These create more new jobs than any other sector. It’s where innovation and the true genius of European creativity resides.”

This article by Author Unknown was originally published on Libertarian.be on February 24th, 2009.


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